February 16 Changes

Smash Ultimate Smash Melee

The new look of player profiles What’s Changed? # The biggest part of the site that changed is the part no one sees, but the backend has been completely revamped into something much more sustainable and workable than before. In terms of visuals, the ladder is mostly the same....


Summit 2 - Final Day Projections

Smash Ultimate Analysis

Smash Ultimate 2 -- now with updated results

literal mountain summit

Summit 2 Projections

Smash Ultimate Analysis

Who we think is the most likely to win Summit 2

Ultimate and Melee Data Dump

Smash Ultimate Smash Melee

All the data so far I have for both games

Quick update on website status


Tournament data will be regularly updated for Ultimate and Melee + Future Projects

Just How Predictable are Competitive Smash (and FGC) Games?

Smash Ultimate Smash Melee FGC Analysis

A test of how accurately we can predict Smash (and FGC games) results


Player Profiles are Out!

Smash Ultimate

Alpha release of player profiles, a quick way to gain a big picture overview of your favorite pro players (or even yourself!)

Hero Down-B Probabilities

Smash Ultimate

How many times do you need open the menu to get what you want?

Ally vs Bocchi

Biggest Upsets in Smash Ultimate So Far

Smash Ultimate Analysis

The times where we were wrong.


What's the strongest region in Smash Ultimate? A look at the numbers

Smash Ultimate Analysis

A comparison of different ways to measure regional strength