These are the groups that DBSCAN partitioned the dataset into

Group 0 Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Bowser Banjo Bayonetta Chrom
Donkey Kong Bowser Jr. Falco Corrin
Ganon Captain Falcon Fox Daisy
Incineroar Cloud Kirby Dark Pit
Jigglypuff Dark Samus Metaknight Diddy Kong
King DDD Hero Mewtwo Dr. Mario
King K Rool Ike Mr. Game and Watch Duck Hunt
Pichu Ken Olimar Greninja
Piranha Plant Link Pikachu Inkling
Megaman Rosalina Isabelle
ROB Shiek Joker
Richter ZSS Little mac
Ridley Lucario
Ryu Lucas
Samus Lucario
Simon Lucina
Snake Luigi
Wario Mario
Yoshi Marth

I cut Group 3 short; if you don’t see a character, it’s in Group 3.

I think the most interesting result here is Group 1.

With some anomalies, like the inclusion of Ike, Captain Falcon, or Wario, almost all of these characters are projectile based zoners.

Note that this dataset has no special moves included, or even frame data. That all the zoners get lumped here seems to incidate that is there is something intrinsic to how Nintendo designs their zoners within just their base stats.

Group 0 just seems to be the big boys. Kirby is there, too, perhaps because he shares their awful ground movement. And Pichu… uh, what?

Group 2 is less well defined. From an eye test, the best I could tell you is that they seem to be floaty.

Group 3 is just everyone else.

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