Another tournament goes by, another entry in MkLeo’s trophy case. While some things never change, Evo was a big shakeup in many ways, and our Ultimate Elo rankings have been updated with Evo sets. Let’s go over some of the changes.

Also, quick note. As you can see, it has finally been enough time for Ally’s elo to begin to decay from inactivity. In another month or so, he’ll be out of top 15.

The losers

The winners

MkLeo (1 -> 1)

Well, you can’t get much better than 1st, but with this win Leo more than made up for his Elo loss at the hands of Marss, and now his margin over the field is even more disgusting, having almost 200 Elo points higher than Tweek.

Tweek (3 -> 2)

Tweek “fell” to 3rd place–not because of his performance, but because Marss winning against Leo gave him so much Elo. The number 2 in the world is back in his rightful place, however, with a dominant Evo run, losing only to Leo.

Samsora (5 -> 3)

Samsora has yet another 4th place. While it must be frustrating to lose to Leo for the 9th time in Ultimate, a 4th place at the super super major is impressive non-the-less, with great wins against Light and Protobanham


Despite having attended all of 4 tournaments, Proto is now solidly in the top 15, almost being in the top 10.

I wish he set his country to Japan in his profile, though.

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