February 16 Changes


The new look of player profiles

What’s Changed?

The biggest part of the site that changed is the part no one sees, but the backend has been completely revamped into something much more sustainable and workable than before.

In terms of visuals, the ladder is mostly the same. However, I have consolidated it into one webapp. It still reads get params, i.e if you change to melee and refresh it’ll still be melee. As a bonus feature, you can now selectively see ratings for one country or another.

Player profiles had a bigger change. For one, character usage isn’t there–that’s not intentional, finding a JS chart library that’s I like is apparently pretty hard.

“Best wins” and “worst lossess” are also gone. To be honest, I don’t think they added much value. They’re replaced by the “Have a hard time with”, which presents the players which said player has had the most trouble with.

This is sorted by confidence. That’s why Marss is up there for Leo, because despite Leo actually having a winning game record (35-30), 65 matches is a lot, and being almost even is more impressive than beating Leo once 2-1.

Additionally, TrophyCase is now a table that’s searchable, and so is match history.

This is more interesting for match history, because now you can, say, search “Samsora” in Leo’s match history and get all of the matches they’ve had.

As a bonus, both of these can be sorted by column (though match history is by default sorted by time, which is not a column yet because time is awful to deal with, so you’ll have to refresh to get that back).

All-in-all I think profiles are much more useful now, since you can go look up a player, see who they have trouble with, go into match history and see all the matches they’ve had together and watch some footage.

Where are the other games?

They’ll be back, but I wanted to get this out here ASAP because the previous architecture was getting pretty untenable.

Much of this is new and lightly tested, so if you see any bugs, it would be much appreciated to shoot me a message on email or twitter (or reddit).

Contact me at or @stu2b50 on Twitter

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