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2019's Pro Rank Changes, Month by Month

Smash Ultimate Analysis

We’ve know had a full year of Smash Ultimate’s nascent competitive scene. In that time, we’ve seen MkLeo go from prospective #1, to definite #1. We’ve seen Tweek go from contender for #1, to losing at locals, back to top 2, back to top 10, and back to top 2. We’ve seen VoiD and...


Summit 2 - Final Day Projections

Smash Ultimate Analysis

Smash Ultimate 2 -- now with updated results

literal mountain summit

Summit 2 Projections

Smash Ultimate Analysis

Who we think is the most likely to win Summit 2

Just How Predictable are Competitive Smash (and FGC) Games?

Smash Ultimate Smash Melee FGC Analysis

A test of how accurately we can predict Smash (and FGC games) results

Ally vs Bocchi

Biggest Upsets in Smash Ultimate So Far

Smash Ultimate Analysis

The times where we were wrong.


What's the strongest region in Smash Ultimate? A look at the numbers

Smash Ultimate Analysis

A comparison of different ways to measure regional strength

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