I'm Experimenting with Old Melee Data

Offline Melee

I usually start Melee data at around the same time at Ultimate (so around Genesis 6), but hey, why not collect more.

So if Armada suddenly shows up as a …

Do Balance Patches Actually Change Winrates?

Online Ultimate

Today, I'll examine online tournament data to see if Balance Patch 8.0.0 produced any statistical significant differences. Specifically, I'll be looking at data from two date ranges: from January …

Public Access to Database


I think statsmash has a lot of cool data stored in its database, and, to be honest, this is most definitely something I can spend a limited amount of time …

Updates to Elo Algorithm for Melee

Online Melee

I've modified some of the parameters for tournament weighting for online melee. I've noticed that they're not, well, particularly highly attended, so it's been giving disproportionate weight to the few …

What Characters Perform the Worst and the Best Online?

Offline Ultimate
Online Ultimate

Now that I have some juicy character data, especially from all the online data, it's time to take a look - this time, on the very obvious differences between online …

New Website


Once again, I've revamped the website. This may be the biggest change since it launched, however. I won't talk about the messy details about the backend (although you may have …

How Characters Are Tiered


At first glance some of the character tiers seem bonkers - especially for the online versions of games. And indeed, they seem crazy to me too - but that's what …

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