Updates to Elo Algorithm for Melee

Online Melee

I've modified some of the parameters for tournament weighting for online melee. I've noticed that they're not, well, particularly highly attended, so it's been giving disproportionate weight to the few outliers like the Quarantine Series. As some people have noticed, HBox hasn't been doing so hot in recent tournaments and he shouldn't be #1 - the reason for that was his early success in the super high attended online tournaments.

The tournament weighing function is this S-curve looking thing and basically I've adjusted where the plateaus start. I've tuned it down 1 and 300, i.e I won't be discounting any low entrant tournaments and a 1000 entrant tournament will only have marginally higher weight than a 300 entrant one.

I've also been working on a way to allow public queries, so look out for that!