New Website


Once again, I've revamped the website. This may be the biggest change since it launched, however. I won't talk about the messy details about the backend (although you may have noticed a switch from a JAMstack oriented design to a more traditional server rendered site - that was done as a matter of practicality. The latter involves far less friction as a solo developer), but rather the new features.

mkleo page

New Features

Online Data

The site now has online data for Ultimate and Melee (and further expansion games) - particularly useful now that all tournaments are online (except in Japan, apparently).

Online Ultimate and Online Melee

Character information

character page

There is now an entire page dedicated to the characters in each game and their stats. Each character also has their own individual page, showing off their winrate, the characters who have the best winrate against them, and the characters they have the best winrate against, and more.


Although still laborious, it is now reasonable to for me to provide icon images and more.

Rivals of Aether?

I have added Rivals of Aether as a tracked game for the site. My personal knowledge of the scene is far less, and so is my ability to do eye-checks; if you are a Rivals player and you have feedback, feel free to contact me. Rivals of Aether, as a platform fighter, has data structured similarly to Smash, which made it an easier addition.

However, I am actively looking to add traditional FGC games - if you have any suggestions, you can find me at or on Twitter as @stu2b50, although I check Twitter somewhat infrequently.

Old Website

I will be keeping the old website up for the next 2 months, which you can find at, as well as migrating some of the more well researched articles onto this site.