Public Access to Database


I think statsmash has a lot of cool data stored in its database, and, to be honest, this is most definitely something I can spend a limited amount of time in, so I've been looking for ways to allow other people who want to look into this or that.

This is the solution I have for now: a public interface for anyone to create SQL queries. This could, of course, go horribly wrong - although I have done the basic due diligence. The connection is to a mirror of the production database, it's on a read-only user, and so forth, but who knows. Thankfully the server has consistent backups and to be frank doesn't have much valuable on it.

You will need to login, specifically with your Google account. Why just Google? That's the only OAuth2 client sqlpad supports. Why login? Because I am still afraid of having no impediments to spam.

I have usage limits, and the systemd process that runs it is also configured to not auto-restart, so please try to be gentle.

Link Here

Most of the schema is self explanatory, but here are some convenient IDs

Game ID
Offline Ultimate 1
Online Ultimate 3
Offline Melee 2
Online Melee 4
Offline RoA 5
Online RoA 527

You'll notice most tables are split by a foreign key to game, so these should come in handy. Additionally, if you want to filter sets and matches by game, you'll need to join up to the data_event table.

I'm also planning on providing big .csv dumps.